Mara | Caramel & Coconut | Wax Melt

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Sweet and creamy with a nutty finish. Experience the warm and fearless nature of Mara, our caramel, coconut, and creamy vanilla-scented scoopable wax melt.

Scoopable coconut apricot wax melt whipped into a clear glass jar with a gold lid and spoon.


Soft oriental. Gourmand.
TOP: sea salt
HEART: caramel, coconut, candied pecan
BASE: creamy vanilla, maple

Inspiration. Serengeti, 1981. We awoke before daybreak. Sunrise in the Serengeti was magnificent and evasive creatures would still be lurking about. The perfect time to get the perfect shot. We were between parks when the open rover came to an abrupt stop. And in an instant, I found myself meeting eyes with the feline, only a veil of glass between us. And in the next instant, she was gone. I hadn’t taken a shot, but her photograph remains ingrained in my mind. Rich caramel and strokes of vanilla bean on a chiseled canvas. And emerald eyes housing those tiny coconut pupils. No fear. Magnificent.    


  • Composed of sustainably sourced, high-quality coconut apricot wax
  • Strong hot & cold throws with long-lasting fragrance
  • Coconut apricot wax is whipped soft and easily scoopable
  • No toxic chemicals. Phthalates, parabens & sulfate-free
  • Highest quality fragrance and essential oils. Carefully sourced from the best suppliers in the industry and custom blended
  • Flame-free, clean burn. Smoke and soot-free
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Scoopable wax melt is ideal for controlling fragrance intensity
  • Housed in a reusable, clear glass jar
  • Complementary decorative, gold-plated stainless steel spoon included. Helps scoop wax easier and you can keep your wax melt spoon separate from your other utensils 
  • Hand-poured and cured in small batches. Handcrafted in Canada


  • Contents: coconut apricot wax; fragrance oils
  • Clear glass bottle with gold metal lid. 3”H, 2.8" diameter
  • Gold-plated stainless steel spoon. 5.3" 
  • Fill Net Wt. 5.5 oz

Please refer to Our Materials here to learn more.


To use, scoop a spoonful of wax onto your warmer or electric melter (not included). Light your tea light or turn on your electric melter. Wax melt will melt and pool and emit fragrance as usual. Extinguish the tealight flame or turn off the electric warmer when you are finished. The remaining wax will solidify until you are ready to use it again.

Please ensure wax melt care guidelines are followed.  Please refer to this product’s how-to Care Guide here to learn more.


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