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Adventure awaits so get on the road!  A charming car diffuser to freshen your travels. The perfect gift for road trippers!

Fragranced car diffuser oil housed in a clear glass rectangular bottle with a wooden top, and cord.


Options include all of A Pleasant Thought's library of fragrances as well as some beloved favorites!

**Fragrance + Essential Oil Blends**

Tobacco & Vanilla | Gatsby
French Lavender | Bardot
Yuzu | Mineko
Peach & Patchouli | Bronte
White Musk & Violet | Edgar
Honeysuckle & Jasmine | Grace
Strawberry & Vanilla Crème | Willow
Spiced Sandalwood |Samsara
Bergamot & White Tea | Moriarty
Plum Blossom & Peony | Monroe
Sweet Citrus & Jasmine | Luna
Salted Caramel & Pistachio | Lolita
Wild Honey & Neroli | Maharani
Ripe Berries & Sweet Citrus | Eden
Bergamot & Oakmoss | Atticus
Pumpkin & Maple Syrup | Salem
Lime & Lilac | Usagi
Mango & Coconut Crème
Palo Santo | Nirvana
Pumpkin & Vanilla Crème | Winifred
Caramel & Coconut | Mara
Soft Linen | Indra
Cypress & Black Salt | Hemingway
Wildflowers | Eyre
Bergamot & Vetiver | Beauvoir
Blackberry & Bourbon | McQueen
Peach Bellini  
Oak & Whiskey | Lincoln
Sweet Rose & Wild Figs | Harlow
White Grapefruit & Black Pepper | Dahlia
Sweet Pink Sugar
Sage & Wild Mint | Circe
Coconut Crème & Nectarine | Serendip
Vanilla & Brown Sugar
Turquoise Waters & Driftwood | Darwin
Rose Water & Lily | Selene
Winter Air & Fir Needles
Sweet Champagne
Wild Herbs & Blossoms | Summer
Spruce Tree
Amber & Wild Figs | Surya
Cashmere & Almond Crème | Dawn
Cardamom & Orange Crème | Nori
Grapefruit & Freesia | Juliet
Berries & Vanilla Tonka
Raspberry & Wild Mint | Ruby
Sweet Watermelon | London
French Vanilla
Iris & Vetiver | Belle
Jasmine Sambac & Cassis | Hawthorne
Peach Blossom & Basil | Ophelia
English Pear & Amber | Cordelia
Sugar Cookies
Amber Musk
Summer Rain
Citrus & Melons
Red Apples & Rose Blossom | Audrey
Zesty Orange & Grapefruit

**Essential Oils Only**

French Lavender
Palo Santo
Lavender and Vanilla (Essential Oil Blend)
Rose, Jasmine and Neroli (Essential Oil Blend)
Jasmine and Honeysuckle (Essential Oil Blend)
Juniper Berry
Candy Cane (Essential Oil Blend)
Jasmine and Sweet Citrus (Essential Oil Blend)
Lavender and Chamomile (Essential Oil Blend)
Chai (Essential Oil Blend)
Bergamot, Lime & Grapefruit (Essential Oil Blend)
Fresh Linen (Essential Oil Blend)
Lemon, Juniper & Spruce (Essential Oil Blend)
Lavender, Chamomile & Marjoram (Essential Oil Blend)
Patchouli, Orange & Neroli (Essential Oil Blend)


  • Easy-to-use, long-lasting, and clean alternative to other car deodorizers. Just hang it in your car, locker, closet, or any smaller space and you’re good to go!
  • No toxic chemicals. Phthalates, parabens & sulfate-free
  • Crafted using the highest quality fragrance and essential oils. Carefully sourced from the best suppliers in the industry and custom blended
  • The wooden top absorbs the oil and emits a strong throw with controllable intensity
  • Reusable/refillable glass bottle 
  • You pick your scent!
  • What’s Included: 10mL diffuser oil, car diffuser bottle with cord


  • Contents: diffuser base, fragrance oils
  • Diffuser Bottle: Rectangular, 33mm x 31mm x 21mm 
  • Vinyl Decal

Please refer to Our Materials here to learn more.


To use, remove the wooden lid, remove the stopper, and replace the lid tightly. Invert diffuser 1-2 times to lightly saturate lid. Repeat as desired for a stronger scent. Hang diffuser in the car (commonly around rear-view mirror) and enjoy.

Pro Tip: After saturating the lid, replace the stopper back in before replacing the wooden lid. This will help prevent any possibility of spillage.

Please ensure you follow car diffuser guidelines during use. Please refer to this product’s how-to Care Guide here to learn more.


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